02 July 2009

Eat my dust Picasso!

This is my art. I drew it today at work, whilst entertaining the daughter of a patient. I asked her to draw a picture of her dog & when she announced that she didn't know HOW to draw a dog, especially when she was unsure how many legs the dog had, I decided to give it a go myself. Thank goodness my parents never spent money on my art education... it would have been a terrible waste. However, I am disappointed (and bitterly too) that both my mother & my brother are brilliant artists while I retain all the skill of a pre-schooler. I guess I take after my dad in more ways than I imagined. My skills lie elsewhere! Speaking of which, it's the Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon this weekend & I think I am ready. The extremes I will go to in order to achieve fame & recognition, be it in my own mind. So, watch this space for all the pavement pounding action!

1 comment:

Susan Buret said...

Hi Jen,
I imagine you are running now. Hope it goes well.
Re your drawing: google jenny Watson who has represented Australia at the venice Biennale.