05 July 2009

Who'd be a sardine?

We've just been watching an AMAZING David Attenborough program about the life of sardines. The photography was incredible. Thousands of teeny weeny sardines trying to avoid being eaten by dolphins, seals, gannets & whales - all at the same time. I will never look at a sardine quite the same way again. In fact, looking at the schools of sardine reminded me of the Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon today, which I ran in a Personal Best Time of 2hrs:2mins:56secs. I am So Happy!! I am a champion!! Yippeeeeee. I have some photos but have not yet downloaded them and am now too tired to do so. Sorry. The only photo I have is this one of me with the winner of the full 42km marathon, William Chebon Chebor of Kenya.
He ran the 42kms in 2hr:11min:58secs. It was his Personal Best (like me - but that's where all similarity, unfortunately, ends). It was a hellishly hard run. I was trying to push a bit harder & was doing really well until the 16km mark when I began to feel really, really tired, and I still had 5kms to go! Those last five K's were seriously Hard Work. I was in tears by the time I crossed the line 'cos I thought I'd stuffed it. Honestly, the pain is intense. I know there are many, many people who have been through much worse - and they have crossed my mind as I run & contemplate how much I hurt. It's what pushes me on I think. Of course, now I am going to have to do the bloody run again next year, just to get sub-two hours, aren't I? Is this possibly like childbirth? It hurts like bloody hell but the high you are on afterwards makes you happy to give it one more go? Hmmm... The best bit about today was that mum drove up from Mullumbimby to watch me cross the line. I was So Tickled Pink. It was wonderful.
Here's a pic of me being a Brilliant Nurse, taken at age 25 years & whilst working in the orthopaedic ward (I think) of Royal North Shore Hospital. Oh heavens.... I was never destined to become Director of Nursing was I?


swell said...

Oh Jen what a gal!
I dont' like anything that hurts and you have pushed through your wall and come out the other end feeing elated and you should be so proud of yourself!
Your are just swell!

Hope your downtime after was just as good...isn't that the good part? The rest of the day feeling euphoric?

hugs and hugs for a job well done

PS going back to bed now

Anonymous said...

Well done Jen! You are an animal... go get 'em!! You can't ask for an epidural halfway through a marathon. I am so proud of you. Big hugs and kisses to you xxoo Leigh

Anonymous said...

Hey jen, you ARE a champion!! I know you did the 1/2 marathon but you and the Kenyan had nearly the same time... keep that medal on girl! love susie x

Anonymous said...

Jen that is absolutely amazing! I am so ecstaic and proud for you being able to tackle such an amazing run! Well done!

Jem xoxoxo

Anonymous said...


I recall not that long ago a time when we were walking up the hill from the city and you were huffing and puffing like you had run a marathon.....And now you have run a marathon!!! You rock girlfriend. L.F