14 August 2009

The pain & cost of my vanity

Hi readers!
So, I am one day post-op after having had my connective tissue graft from the roof of my mouth to the poxy hole in the middle of my face, commonly known as my malformed smile. Despite my face being all puffed up & my head hurting like it's jammed in a vice, I am ecstatic because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as getting this fixed once & for all. In six months' time I can go ahead and have a bridge put in (the Brooklyn Bridge? the Harbour Bridge? the dental bridge....) and put an end to this for good. Yesterday's little stunt cost my another $1800, bringing the approximate cost of this disaster, over the past 39 years, to about $15000. And all so that I can avoid looking like a horrible thug. Here is a photo of (above) of the beautiful me, trying to smile despite my swellings. Look how big my nostrils are!!!! Below is a photo of my alternative... As you can see, there really isn't an alternative.

So, enough about moi. Tonight Spud & I are going to art opening of our friend Susan Buret's work. I am looking forward to seeing what she has to show. This time in one week would have been the arrival of my cousin's daughter from NYC but now, as she is no longer able to make it, Spud & I are going to have a little holiday down in NSW, visiting Canberra and the Southern Highlands, which we are both really relishing. My buddy Annie is going to drop in from Sydney for a few days too so I can't wait! Nothing much else to add for now as I am not really in an ultra-jolly mood. Just wanted to share my gruesomeness with you! That's what friends are for, right? :o)

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shail2chouhan said...

Your post really touches in to my heart..