21 August 2009

Holiday time!

Hi readers!

Before I start, here is a photo of my god-children & their mum which I wanted to post because they are so wonderful & I love them to bits so wanted to share them with the world. Here I am on my last day before one week of holidays. Yippee! There is nothing like writing a "To Pack" list to really generate abdominal butterflies. The problem is, I inadvertently neglected to tick the box for luggage when booking our flights to Sydney so now we are heading into icy country with only one cabin bag each! I wonder how tightly I can roll my woolly pully? Or possibly, we will have to resort to wearing all our clothes, layer upon layer, until we can't bend in the middle to sit in our 'plane seat. Currently, the Canberra temperature is about 14 degrees, with rain forecast (yay) and lows of about minus one. I am holding out for a smattering of snowflakes.

Speaking of holidays, did you see this funny photo in the 'papers this week? The couple in the background were busy photographing themselves when this little rodent leaped in front of the camera & hogged the limelight. It's a great shot! Whilst trying to find this photo on the internet however, I've come across all sorts of crazy squirrel photos. Who would have thought these little furballs were such show ponies?

And this photo leads me to discuss Kabul, which is were my brother currently is. I am wondering if it is too late to email him & ask him to bring me home some rugs? My co-worker also would like a hand-loomed goat-wool shawl that will smell of excreta until washed.... Souvenirs Afghan-style.

Will write more from the snowy slopes of Capital Hill! Cheerio!

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