22 August 2009

Saturday Morning Munchies

Spud & I have just been @ the Kelvin Grove Market, which prompted me to hurry home & blog about it because readers, that place is a Culinary Fiesta! Who needs 5-star restaurants or even Nigella, when one has the delectable gourmet treats available at these markets? Tell me, if you can, what is better than biting into an utterly delicious bacon & egg roll with onions & sauce, on a soft bun, with the sun gently warming your face & the knowledge that you have two days off work? Oh shudder, shudder, shudder with delight. And the authentic Cornish pasties that are for sale, week after week, with their flaky, golden pastry & scrumptious filling? And what about the home-made fudge, with its sweet, rich, buttery flavours? Then there's the freshly baked bread, baked on site with a mobile wood-fired oven, which is still warm when you pop it into your shopping basket. And the fruit & veggies for sale? I could go on & on. It's one of my favourite subjects (as if you couldn't tell!!) Speaking of fresh food, look at the two mushrooms we have grown in a cardboard box in our laundry!

I am wondering if I should not bite into one until I am standing outside the doors of the A&E department, just in case they are deadly, but we DID buy they from a legitimate source (Bunnings)... Maybe I should get my Will in order before I saute them? I also bought these gorgeous wildflowers, as well as some irises and jonquils so that our house will be all "prettied up" and fragrant for my friend Annie's visit from Sydney tomorrow. Shame I never learned flower arranging whilst at my "ladies' college" in the very early 1980's. (Shame I actually learned bugger all there really...)

I am watching a pair of Lewin's honey-eaters outside my window, looking for nectar in the bottlebrush. The sun is shining, there is a little breeze & I have a bright red, juicy punnet of strawberries calling my name. Time for a cup of tea & a stab at the crossword. Oh, I love being on holidays! :o) By the way, I've decided I should be a bit more vain & I should NEVER have posted that hideous photo of myself so am posting one from this very morning so you can see that I am, in fact, almost normal looking. This has been prompted by the realisation that more people than I imagined are looking at this blog (performance anxiety!!) & I really should try harder to create a better impression of myself than a toothless HAG!!!!!!!!! So, here it is in all its glory. Please don't ask me to pose for the cover of Vogue - or even Garden Gnomes Monthly - because I am just Too Busy! :o)

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