27 September 2009

The spread of age

Okay, so this is probably not the best title for this blog posting ... but it seems to be a bit relevant I'm afraid!  Am I just being a DQ (Drama Queen)?  I've reached another milestone in my life and whilst I am thrilled to be here, I am not so thrilled at the changes my body is undergoing.  Those of you who have reached this Sensational Era will know what I mean but it involves the thickening of one's waistline and the changing of one's hair colour (without having to pay for it!!)  Still, no point moping about.  Instead, time to embrace the day - and I have been doing so.  Today, for example, Spud and I had a wonderful drive in the countryside (aka the bone dry, dusty west) in a Porsche Boxster that I rented for the day for his birthday.  It was a great day and we ended up on a picnic rug at Wivenhoe Dam, watching the pelicans swoop in over the water.  It was incredibly windy though and we almost lost my hat and several paper napkins plus the Sydney Morning Herald sports section to the white-capped waters of the dam.

This was our picnic spot.  It was so pretty & there was hardly anyone about - most likely because of the dust and the wind and the heat.  Don't you love these trees?  It looks like one tree is hugging the other!
Brisbane has had two dust storms this week.  Today's was really not so bad as the one on Wednesday which caused major havoc all down the east coast of Australia.  Sydney was really, really badly affected  while Brisbane was no so bad, despite my dining table looking like this - and the floor!  Oh hell... the floor.  I don't want to think about it! I have even more respect for those colonial settlers now...  So, it's been a week of FILTH.  I just got out of the bathtub after our day with the top off & have left a ring around the bath!  What a grub.
This week also brought with it revelations of reptile life in the suburbs.  Spud's grand-daughter Pumpkin found this snakeskin outside her bedroom window, just 10kms from the city centre.  We think it's probably a carpet python but who would know for sure?  As you can see, Blogger has a new layout for photos that I obviously don't quite have under control yet!   Speaking of dust and birthdays, as I have been, my brother brought me back this fantastic handbag from Afghanistan.  He'd had to take a bodyguard with him to shop for it and found it in a little store in Kabul where it was coated in dust.  Washing it revealed a very brightly beaded bag, apparently made in an Afghan jail, with what appears to be either mobile 'phone pouches or somewhere to store my ammo!  The beads also look suspiciously like those that were pulled from the market recently due to their hallucinatory properties - but I am not going to start sucking on it to find out!  On a note of gaudiness, I was mesmeried by this photograph, taken at the Brownlow Medal this year. I only looked at the photos because I know a WAG (Wife and Girlfriend - of a football player) and wanted to see what she wore.  Well, everyone paled into insignificance next to this elegant, stylish wallflower, photographed in the company of her 40 years older fiance..   When I see this Horrible Accident of Womanhood I find myself feeling a whole lot better about my stiff SI joint and my greying hairs....  Am I being a complete bitch?  Woops!  :o/

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