18 September 2009

Domestic Goddess Strikes Again

Dear Readers

Hooray, it's Friday night!  I have imbibed in three glasses of white wine, so expect a fun-filled blog posting tonight.  My subject is:  The Curse of the Curry.  I have just made the hottest, most mind-blowing green chicken curry I've made since I made the hottest, most mind-blowing lamb vindaloo about three years ago.  Spud & I spent the entire time exhaling, waving our hands in front of our lips & sculling mouthfuls of white wine.  Why am I such a hideous cook?  I didn't even THINK about 50g of green curry paste being possibly too hot.  I didn't even THINK to read the packet instructions.  Derrrrrr.....  And on this end-of-week note, when did it become socially acceptable to pick one's nose whilst driving the car?  Do people honestly believe the comfort of one's vehicle, surrounded by glass, makes them invisible to other motorists? Is this why they feel they can "tuck in", so to speak?  Oh grose.  Sorry but I DID say I'd had three glasses of vino and it IS Friday night....  I make no excuses.  Hic! Oh, have I told you about our possum?  He/she lives in the gutter near our front door.  She/he popped his/her head out last week for a peek.  

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