15 September 2009

Wildlife Wonders

Okay readers
I am just dropping in a quick blog to tell you how much I am loving this Kruger National Park webcam!  I check it out several times during the day at work and it is a source of amazement to me to see the incredible wildlife drinking from the watering holes.  I have seen giraffe, zebras, gazelles and elephants!  Here are some of the photos.
I find it so... I don't know... reassuring to know that while I am sitting here in Australia, fighting off the 'phones or trying not to get anxious about my boss being so far behind, these animals are quietly getting on with their lives.  I can't really explain it but I like watching them.  It soothes me.  Yesterday a sobbing elderly male patient called me to cancel his appointment because it was his wife's funeral.  They had been married 45 years.  It was so sad that I, too, cried.  And then I watched some gazelles come to drink at the waterhole & it made me feel better.  Of course, today two of the cameras were out of action & I found myself feeling bereft without them!  I guess I have to accept that there will be days when I won't have the animals - or the waterholes - due to the technical difficulties that go with webcams in the African bush. 

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