11 October 2009

Friday night floating

Hi readers!
Well, firstly I want to inform you all that I did NOT make it to see Dr Rey, having to work for my own plastic surgeon instead.  The good news however is that I think I will get over this disappointment.  In fact, I AM over it!  Secondly, I have to draw your attention to an INCREDIBLE blog called "Drunken Siblings" that one of my readers told me about.  It's just as she said.... My paltry food & drink descriptions pale into total insignificance when compared to the gourment delights of this blog.  I want to know how these people afford to eat the way they do!  How fat are they?  What is their cholesterol level?  This blog almost gives me heartburn!  Anyway, I think you will find it an amazing read & I apologise in advance that I can't give you the same epicurean feast - well, not today at least & quite possibly not tomorrow either, or any day this week!  Speaking of gourmet delights, our possum has eaten Spud's baby tomato plants during the night.  If he keeps eating like this, he may become unlikely to fit into his little cubby in our guttering.  Poor tomatoes.... they are just stalks now.  Our lettuces are untarnished, as are our baby basil plants but how long will it be before they too are decimated?  

The other amazing thing that occurred to me on Friday, following my raging Dr Rey disappointment, was that I got home & turned on the tap to run a bath before racing about doing those Friday evening things like feeding the pets, pulling some frozen chops out of the 'fridge, pouring a glass of wine etc.  Lo & behold, I forgot about the bathtub, rushing in there just as the water level was about 10cm from the top.  Well, in these days of water restrictions, I have NEVER run a bath that high before.  I felt immediately guilty but amazingly, this guilt disappeared as soon as I climbed in & discovered the UTTER JOY of a "real" bath, with water that actually covers your whole body!  It was a revelation!  And a wonderful revelation at that.  It brought a whole new level of pleasure to the bathing experience.  What a dill I've been all these years to only fill the bath about 10cm deep, splashing myself with water in a lame attempt to experience the soothing qualities of bathing.  Honestly, they don't make those tubs deep for nothing, do they?  Derrrrrrrr............

 This is not actually how I looked in the tub because, of course, being a total dufus about bathing, I did not have any bubbles, but you get the idea.  Time to fly now!  Off to brekky with Spud as a Sunday morning treat.  Will take some photos & put those dratted Drunken Siblings to shame, shame, shame.  Stay tuned! 

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