09 October 2009

Dr Rey

I've just been reading a crazy, hilarious article about Dr Rey.  What a scream!  He is going to be at Target at Chermside TODAY at 12 noon (squeal, squeal, swoon!).  How can I go to work today for my own plastic surgeon & miss out on this one?  What a tragedy.  I could call it "professional research"  Honestly, if you want a laugh, read this article because I was giggling all the way through.  What a guy...  My boss has A LOT to learn!! (not)  
PS:  thanks Anonymous for the tip-off re his visitation.  I had no idea. I am completely Out of Touch.   


Anonymous said...

Jen Darling - read on only if you want your perceived skills as photographer / food critic / chef / connoisseur /lover of la dolce vita smashed forever. Oh hang it - check out this blog anyway!! But be prepared to feel perhaps just a tad 'insignificant'. Guess some folks just have 'the gift'! Enjoy! : drunkensiblings.blogspot.com Jx

Anonymous said...

Jen, Jen! A thousand apologies! former blog reference incorrect - you need to check out 'drunkensibling.blogspot.com' (not the plural as I mistakenly entered before!!) Start at first post and work your way up. Hope you love it as much as we did. Jx