05 October 2009

Swined Up

Hi readers!  Here I am - the 21st century version of Nurse Ratched - or Nurse Betty.  Whatever...  I've been nursing in its many guises this past week and finding it exhausting.  I've been nursing the post-op patients at work while my boss and (nurse co-worker) have been on holidays, wooping it up.  Meanwhile, I've been taking out drains, dressing grafts, removing sutures... and all the while pretending that I know exactly what I'm doing.  Exhausting!!  Or possibly I just have a poor view of my abilities.  I think I've just lost some confidence as I've not been a practicing nurse for so many years.  None of the patients carked it so I should be thrilled! Then this weekend Spud & I have been looking after my mum down the coast who has come down with a really, really, really nasty flu.  She is a complete wreck.  Hey eyes are all gooped up, her body aches all over, she has been having severe night sweats, she's deaf as a post and she's lost her appetite.  So, it was soup, paracetamol, pedicures and witche's brews of honey, lemon, ginger thyme.  Hmmm....  not sure if any of it is helping as she's only very mildly improved, four days later.  It is quite worrying.  Now I'm home trying to type this blog on my tiny travel laptop, wearing my goggles, and contemplating my ironing pile.  The deal is that Spud washes my car in return for my ironing his clothes but unfortunately, my car is much cleaner than than my ironing pile is smaller.  Why, why, why do we have to iron clothes?  It is such a Pointless Exercise!! 

I found this ironing picture on another Blogger blog - so, yes, I guess I stole it. Sorry!! I liked it! I look like this when I iron except without the smile.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen - you must be swooning to see your idol Dr 90210 popping up (out?) everywhere on our screens while visiting Oz. Are you booked in to see him? Is he dropping by for dinner? (better make sure it's organic - and don't forget those 'erbs'!)

Anonymous said...

Jen, i am sure in your nursing days.. you were a vision in white, a haloed angel tending to the sick and the needy!