25 November 2009

Grumble, growl, gurgle...

That's the sound of my stomach most of the time these days.  Arrrgh.  However, I have lost about 2.5kgs in the last two weeks so something is happening!  Amazingly, I am not missing chocolate  very much at all.  I AM missing a chunk of cheddar cheese and occasionally, all I want to do is sink my teeth into a steak.  So, instead of eating, I've turned to internet shopping.  Oh dear...  Today I accidentally bought a vintage perfume bottle and silver stamp case.  I had put them in "my shopping basket" to think about.  Then I bought some little pendants for my cousins' kids in the US & when I paid for them, I inadvertently paid for EVERYTHING and what's worse, the vintage gear is being shipped to my cousin in Brooklyn!  I am completely hopeless.  What a dill. Luckily they weren't extremely expensive & the Australian dollar is very strong against the US$ but I wonder if they'll ever make it to Australia?  

Here they are.  I need to converse with my expert shopping buddy, Swellgal, who has amazing stuff shipped in to her remote aboriginal community in the far north of Australia  all the time.  She is the Queen of On-Line Shopping.  Why, oh why, did I not call her first?  I recently sent my Uncle T a Mickey Mouse pen & that arrived safely.  I should stay positive.  However, my credit card is going into lockdown from NOW!  

Later:  Oh no!!!  Merde!  I've just downloaded Susan Boyle's new CD on iTunes AND I've purchased the Rupert Bunny catalogue from the Art Gallery of NSW.  H.E.L.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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swellgal said...

Jen Jen Jen....that is how it is done...

You "inadvertently" press send and everything arrives!