02 December 2009

First of all, I will tell you that the entire layout of this blog is completely STUFFED and I can't work out how to fix it. Secondly, check out this wonderful, wonderful Muppet video! I think the
video is actually responsible for the stuffed up format, but too bad. It's too perfect a piece of
film making (!!) to be left out! I haven't blogged for yonks. Time is just flying by too fast - and I seem to be so busy at work that I crash in flames each night, finding myself semi-conscious on the sofa by 8pm. I spent last weekend in Sydney, visiting Alana and Sam. It was a brilliant weekend. As one could expect, I'd forgotten how gorgeous living on the northern beaches of Sydney could be. It's so beautiful there! We went down to North Avalon beach on Sunday for a swim in the crystal clear water (it even had attractive weed) This is just on their doorstep, as are the lorikeets, water views between numerous trees, sun shining.. When I lived there, I'm sure I never appreciated how lucky I was. You could very easily forget you were living in Sydney because it has such a different vibe to the rest of the city. Here are some photos. Below is Chili-dog, A and S's Staffy who is a complete sweetheart of a pooch.

 Here's the famous North Avalon Beach 

 and the Baker family.  
And here's Alana with her daddy-o Chris.  

Anyway, I had a lovely time and now I wish I was there and not here in Brisbane...  Yes, you heard right.  I have severe Scrooge Syndrome so decided to put up the Christmas decorations at work today, in an attempt to cheer the place up.  Hmmmppppfffffff.  Not sure that it had the desired effect.  What I need are Fairy Lights... In huge amounts of sparkling, glittery glory.

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Susan Buret said...

Thank you for the wonderful muppets.