17 December 2009

The Advent Calendar Scam

Dear Readers
It seems only appropriate now that my blog is revolving around chocolate, that I should tell you my Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar, given to me by the boss' wife, is Not Accurate.  It is missing THREE DAYS!!  I am outraged...  I can see no reason why the 7th, the 13th and 21st of December should be missing. I actually emailed Lindt to demand an explanation, but have yet to receive a response.  I don't mind what they tell me, I just need some sort of excuse for it!  What is the world coming to if one cannot even get an intact Advent calendar!

Here is the offending article, sans the chocs consumed
to date.  I'm on a count down to Belgium now and wish to report that it's less than 48 hours until take off!  I have been checking my Google weather forecast at least four times a day and see that a cold snap such as has not been seen since 1993 is about to descend on Europe. Google is indicating snow flakes for Ghent AND London!!  I am so excited!  :o)  However, I must stay cool (ha, ha, get it?) because I do not want to set myself up for disappointment.  Also, once I get there and discover that snow usually means bitter cold, I may not be quite so jolly about it.  I am at work today, singing my heart along with the Christmas carols playing but strangely, I've received numerous requests to Stop Singing and I just do not understand it.  Dr N even mentioned the RSPCA??  We've just had these home made biscuits dropped in by one of the boss' scrub nurses.  Gingerbread men, shortbread stars and chocolate chip cookies.  Here is a photo I've taken because they looks so lovely.  I can feel my thighs swelling each day...

Here's a bobby in London this week!  See the snow?  See it?  Yippee! :o)

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