15 December 2009

Warming up for the chill

Hi readers!
This blogging is getting more and more complicated when in reality, it SHOULD be getting easier as I understand it more.  However, I am currently in a state of total confusion regarding my layout... So, it's ten days until Christmas and today when I got home from work, I found two Christmas cards with The Annual Newsletter in them.  But, rather than run away in fright, I tore the envelopes open because I knew they would be great letters that made me laugh and were a pleasure to read - and I was right!  I am trying very hard to get into the Spirit of Christmas this year but my mojo is missing.  Possibly it's the heat and humidity, or the reality of life setting in... big sigh. I have half-heartedly put up a little tree and some colourful star-shaped lights around the kitchen window, and as I sit here typing, I can hear Christmas carols out on the street emanating from someone's garden - that would be in between smacking mosquitoes dead as they try to suck my blood.  The heat is unbearable and the rain, of which we finally received about 20 minutes of today, has gone and left a moist, hot, sticky temperature (hence the mozzies).  I'm a moaner aren't I then? This time in one week I'll be moaning about how cold I am!  

This is a picture of Bruges, which we will be visiting next week.  Doesn't it look great?  Meanwhile, closer to home, here are some snaps from the weekend at mum's with my brother Hugh.  Mum has already jetted off to Amsterdam and will meet us in Ghent next Sunday.  

Well, as usual I had lots of things up my sleeve to blog about and now that I'm home, being ravaged by the insect life, I can't think of a thing.  How dull!  Will try to write again before we go but if not, I definitely will once we arrive.  I'm sure there will be plenty for me to write about then - especially about the things I will see and the chocolates I will be testing.  Oooh, I think I need to post a Christmas Greeting!  Hmmm, let me see what I can come up with...  

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