17 January 2010

The No News Daily

Now that my holiday is over and I'm back to Mundane Life in the 'Burbs, I have nothing to write about!  All I can write about is the scorching heat and the pig sty that is my work place.  The heat is phenomenal lately.  This afternoon I parked my car in the shade while I had coffee with Rach and when I came out, my car thermometer announced a temperature of 36 degrees.  Hard to believe that less than two weeks ago, I was enjoying -1 degrees.  I am going to take Lil the Dog for a big walk this evening as she missed out yesterday, but I'm waiting for it to cool down some more.  It's now 4:15pm and it's still over 30 degrees.  So, rather than writing exciting travel copy, I am writing about the WEATHER and posting silly pics of Spud and Pumpkin, made thanks to one of those crazy iPhone apps.  Exciting life isn't it?  
Back to work this week to KAOS as we got new carpet and lino laid. This meant moving everything from one room to another, then moving it all back into the first room and tomorrow, moving it all back to where it originated.  I am really enjoying the activity...  The boss is back and we start consulting on Tuesday morning and as of now, the place is a PIT.  Still, I have the place to myself and can "redecorate" as I wish.  It's also proving to be a great de-cluttering experience.  I tossed  about 100 plastic surgery journals dating back to 1984 into our recycling bin and then discovered it was so heavy I couldn't move it.  

As for my running, well...  It's time to knuckle down and get serious about training.  It's only 24 weeks 'til the Gold Coast Marathon and while I tossed up doing the full marathon (for about 12.6 minutes) my goal this year is to crack the 1/2 marathon in under two hours.  I really, really HAVE to do it. This means no more Saturday night barbies with too much red wine, no more snacking on chocolate when I'm stressed and being generally more disciplined!  It is very hard to run in these temps though.  Even at 5am it is very humid and this seems to drain all my energy stores.  Also on the cards for this year, apart from learning how to do cryptic crosswords, is landscaping our garden and getting our veggie patch in tip top condition.  Our green beans have grown and grown and grown and they are So Good!  This morning I made pesto from our abdundant basil bushes.  There really is something fantastic about eating food we've grown ourselves and I would like to embrace this concept a lot more. I am even considering bee keeping!  My cousin Pedro in Austin, TX keeps bees.  There are so many beautiful flowering native trees around our house that any honey must be delicious!  We'll see.... I am always sprouting off about Grand Plans in the first few weeks of the year.  Watch this space! 

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