21 February 2010

Lazy bones? Busy bones?

I can't work out if I'm just plain old lazy or whether it's a lack of that precious resource, t.i.m.e, that has kept me from blogging.  Possibly a combination of both. Today, a Sunday, I have been very resourceful and have been practicing the art of Domestic Goddessing.  It's Hard Work!  At one point I was witnessed beating eggs with the telephone tucked under my ear, wishing birthday greetings to Annie in Sydney, while Susie's No-Bowl Slice baked in the oven and my slow cooker simmered the ingredients of a veggie soup.  What a sight!  Now everything has come to fruition and I can pat myself on the back.  I now feel ready to move into my new pad, Chatsworth, and live life like Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, albeit in a  21st century way, of course!  I saw the movie the other day and loved it, despite it being quite a tragic tale.  The truth is that I am fascinated by the British aristocracy and love nothing better than to lap up the social pages of Tatler magazine, gasping at the incredible names and going  ons of the idle rich.
Instead, I will brush aside these fantasies and concentrate on my far less exciting life.  Actually, speaking of excitement, I am supposedly about to published AGAIN!  In the April/May issue of Run For Your Life magazine which is out at the end of March (I think).  I know it's wrong of me to gloat about it until I've actually seen it in print, but this week they were asking for a photo of me running to put with the article and I had Nothing to Give.  I suggested they just superimpose my head onto Paula Radcliffe's body but that's apparently not an option....
There IS a tiny bit of similarity there, don't you agree?  We're both women, for one.  How much more do you need?  Onto more important subject matter than running:  I have a new blog up.  It is still in its feeble first stages but it is a blog about the Joy of Slice.  The joy of eating slice, baking slice and thinking about slice.  It's called A Slice of Life and if you too have an urge to Domestic Goddess-ness, feel free to browse it occasionally for a slice recipe.  Or, if you wish, send along your favourite recipe to be included.  To be honest, I currently am behind on that blog too but I have such Good Intentions!  And this weekend I bought a bike!  I actually think it might be my First Ever Bicycle. I know I have ridden before but I do not recall owning a bike of my own in the past.  Of course, I must have had a bike but sadly (and obviously) I  dd not bond with it.  However, all that is about to change with the arrival of my Kona Dew City.  It's silver.  I have taken it for a short ride already and aim to ride much much more, accompanied by Spud.  There are so many beautiful places around Brisbane to ride.  Here is a photo, from the internet of my bike.  What will I name her?  

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