06 February 2010

Makin' like a Carole King song...

That would be the song, "You're So Vain", which could be about me (sort of) because I am gloating about my recent 15 minutes of fame.  Yes, your trusty correspondent was in that highly esteemed (!) local rag, "The Courier Mail" yesterday and her photograph graced the front cover of the features section, CM2.   Two pages in was another photo and an interview with moi and my running coach, Linda.  I have received numerous comments about my lipstick but honestly!  It just won't do to appear at a photo shoot without one's lippy in situ, you know!  

Mum is coming home from hospital today, where she has been for the past 10 days, recovering from a total hip replacement.  She is doing really well and has managed her "incarceration" on the rehab ward very well.  In fact, she and her roomy, an elderly woman who runs 600 head of cattle on a property out west, have been carrying on like a pair of school girls at boarding school, scoping the ward for empty rooms where they can use the toilets and giggling in their gym sessions.  One of the ladies there has had bilateral kneed replacements and uses cubes of ice from her ice packs to pop into her whisky!  Mum has formed a bond with the other patients on the rehab ward that she says she would not normally have made.  There is a real range of people rehabilitating there, and a lot of them National Party-voting farmers from the bush, so mum has been keeping her tree-hugging opinions to herself.  
Now, here is something to ponder:  today Spud and I were at the markets buying our fruit & veg.  At one of the stalls, whilst admiring some fresh green broccoli, we noticed a gnarly, gnawed, half-eaten carrot propped amongst the vegetables.  I pointed it out to the stall holder who promptly removed it, but when I was paying for my peaches and capsicum, I noticed he was cutting away all the chewed bits from the carrot....  What do you think he's planning to do with that thing?  Chew on that and I'll see you later! 

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