21 March 2010

Just not good enough

Oh hell....  I am only blogging once a week!  It's just not good enough!  I think of things to blog all day every day but I never get around to writing them down.  Shameful behaviour.  Today I am sitting in my den, looking out the window at the lush green grass of my backyard while I contemplate my keyboard dyslexia.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I type letters back to front all the time.  Thank goodness for the 'delete' button.  This morning Spud and I did a HUGE walk at Mt Cootha, on a different track this time as, due to the Great Brisbane Bike Ride, our usual route was closed off.  We set off from the very end of Payne Road and walked up some monster hills and back down some others, crossing some creek beds and avoiding mountain bikers.  Terrifyingly, I had to have a lie down and two anti-inflammatories when I got home and it's only a week 'til we do the Queen Charlotte Track which involves at least one day of over 20km walking.  Needless to say, one giant box of Nurofen will be in my First Aid kit.  
 Look at this beautiful mosaic table.  It's at the Outlook Cafe at Bardon.  Now I want to learn mosaic - and I want to learn to crochet too because I saw a lovely blanket in a magazine and fancy that over my knees this winter while I watch trashy telly and read.  I want to be C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E.  Having an extra day off each week has been helpful, although I've not really fully utilised it yet as I keep volunteering for running event organisation.  Today, however, is my last day of doing this with the InTraining "Twilight event" which starts at the Uni of QLD at 5pm.  Of course, I need to be there at 2.30 and bingo, there goes Sunday afternoon.  I am such a sucker.  I should take my camera so that I will have photos of stuff to put on my blog.  I thought I had more pics to post? I could post this picture of a dog toy FLEA that I am considering purchasing for Lil from snootypaws.com.au.  Any of my dog-loving friends should check out this site as it has some sensationally original fun stuff for your furriest family members.  Time to go get ready to boss folks about.  Will make a real effort this week to write more!  The pre-Easter week will be easy though as I will be in full Travel Blog mode as we journey through the South Island of New Zealand, so don't give up on me yet! 

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