15 March 2010

Monday morning blues

It's Monday morning and again, it has come around too soon!  I want another day to tinker.  I've had such a wonderful tinkering weekend that I don't want it to end.  Shame, shame, shame.  I am just about to walk out the door but am giving myself 3 more minutes to allow my newly applied nail varnish to dry while I wait for Spud to call from the UK.  He told me he'd call an hour ago and still has not - which means he may be asleep...  Still, it is a disappointing start to my week.  Luckily he will be home in six days.  So, yesterday Lil & I went for a beautiful bushwalk at Mt Cootha.  It is so gorgeous there.  We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep.  

Saturday was spent with Cherry and Candy doing a 40km bike ride around the peninsula north of us. It was so pretty but unfortunately, the ride half killed us (literally in some cases!) because we spent most of it riding into a headwind. My quads may never be the same again.  I also baked a banana cake, cleaned up my den and tidied the kitchen drawers.  The ironing pile has not been touched.  Yesterday afternoon I was introduced to the "Twilight" film by my buddy HelBel & the pair of us huddled on her sofa, clutching eachother with trepidation at the blatant tension.  I think I may be sucked in (get it!).  I read the book, which didn't really grab me, but something about the movie (& maybe being Sunday afternoon & in good company) drew me in.   The morning show is getting very excited at the prospect of a cyclone off the coast.  I've seen this before.  They get lots of news mileage & it turns out to be nothing.  Am I a hideous cynic?  It's already been downgraded in the hour since I first heard the story!  They use a lot of "could", "might", "possibility".  Time to go to work....  Will try to blog again soon.  Am not being very diligent about this.

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