04 April 2010

The agony and the ecstasy

Hi readers!  Were you wondering if you'd ever hear from your intrepid correspondent again after her adventure into the wilds of the Marlborough Sounds?  Well.... here I am!  In one piece - but only just.  Spud has gone lame today, with a dodgy knee and by the end of the walk on Friday, several members of the team were falling apart at the seams, including our two youngest trekkers, both strapping great rugby playing boys with dodgy hip injuries.  I would like to announce that I came through fairly unscathed but today, when I tried to climb some stairs, my quads were screaming at me.  I do not have photos to show you as my tiny wee laptop has completely crashed and basically blown up after I downloaded my photos to date onto it this morning.  As a result, I am at the front desk of our lovely hotel in Christchurch using their "official" computer.  I'm not able to access my email however, nor my Facebook so I don't know if any of you will be even looking at this.  Never mind - my conscience is quelled no matter.  Be prepared for the photos however because some of them are absolutely sensational, if I say so myself.  What incredible beauty!  What a fantastic place to visit!  It was absolutely mind-bogglingly divine.  The walk was quite challenging, especially on the last two days which were 23kms and 21kms respectively and that included quite a lot of hill climbs.  I am so glad we did it and we both feel like we can do anything now.  I wish I could show you some photos....
Today we spent the day in Christchurch looking about. It is quite cold and grey but we love it!  I have heard that I've had another story published, this time in "Run 4 Your Life" magazine but I've yet to see it and the Road Runners club has asked me to write ANOTHER story which they want by this Friday and how am I going to do that when my computer is smoking?  Oh, the trials of being a media tart!  I'd better sign off. I don't want this lovely young receptionist to get into trouble for letting me use this computer, but it IS Easter Sunday and everyone DOES seem to be very laid back here in New Zealand so perhaps all will be okay.  Will write again soon!  Cheerio xxxx

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