05 April 2010

Yippee! Photos!

Here are Spud & I on the ferry crossing Cook Strait on our way to Picton last week.  It was a glorious crossing with hardly any rough stuff. We were very lucky apparently because it can be quite hellish & we saw a photo of the same ferry in the sea with a 45 degree list starboard.  It was hideous....
Here is beautiful Picton Harbour. Imagine waking up each morning to look at this view.  Well... there are units for sale.  Unfortunately, the property developers are moving in.
This is Dougal and Oliver climbing up one of the many hills we had on our Queen Charlotte Track walk.  This was on Day 4 and by this time, we were all exhausted.  At least we had beautiful scenery to keep our minds off our aching bits!!
Just another gorgeous view over Queen Charlotte Sound - or Keneperu Sound, I'm not sure which.  It was all so magnificent that by Day 4 my eyes were aching from all the scenery. 
We are now in Queenstown using the computer in the hotel.  I'm sorry to say this but Queenstown has been a Major Disappointment.  It is So Over-Developed. I had, for some crazy reason, expected it to be a sleepy snow village.  Ha! In my dreams.  However, everything else is spectacular.  It's all so pretty, especially with the changing leaves.  The landscape is all golden and red with the autumn colours and the mountains and waterways are just beautiful.  Time to head off and drink a glass of Central Otago pinot noir before bed.  Cheerio! 

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