22 May 2010

Guzzle, guzzle, guzzle

I have too many sports drink bottles....
I used to have just one, but now they are coming out of the woodwork.  So much so that I have pleaded NOT to be given one.  My favourite is the lime green Tupperware bottle, that I bought from the Tupperware nazi.  It has a cup at the base which lets me give the dog a drink too.  My next favourite is the orange one, which I received last week at the Susie Connor Challenge.  The blue ones and the clear ones aren't so good, because they leak. Do any of you particularly CARE about my water bottles anyway?  

I am just killing time while I wait for my running buddy to arrive.  We are off to Noosa this afternoon to run in the Noosa 1/2 Marathon tomorrow morning and for some strange reason, I am completely nervous and anxious.  It could be due to having had a big week at the office, or maybe it is hormones (that's always a good excuse).  I just feel really agitated currently.  I need to run - to help me relax!  I have to remember that tomorrow's run is all about having F.U.N and I already know that I am not trying to get a PB or break that 2-hour time, so I should be relaxed because the pressure is off, right?  Better use one of these bottles and drink more water!  I need to hydrate (apparently) and stretch (which I am not diligent about) and carb load (which does seem to be rather easy).  Cheerio until tomorrow night, when I will report in.  Should I paint my fingernails red?  To help me run faster?  I'm looking into that as a performance enhancing solution...  :o/

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