26 May 2010

None of my hats fit....

Yes, my head is in a state of turgid engorgement currently as I savour the joy of success with a capital "S".  What a week for ego-building, and it's only Wednesday.  It started with the Noosa 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  I had a really, really good run and felt fantastic all the way to the very end.  The course was truly beautiful too, which always helps.  We ran along the scenic Noosa River, admiring the sparkling water and the pelicans.  
I was running with one of my buddies, Tracy, who kept my speed in check because it is really hard to avoid speeding up at the very beginning, when everyone is passing you.  The urge to bolt is very strong.  However, I tried to remember the old "rabbit and tortoise" story and it kind of worked for me.  At the 19km mark, with 2.1km to run, I looked at my watch and saw I had ten minutes up my sleeve if I was to break my two-hour goal so I notched it up a gear and pushed myself really, really hard.  So hard that, as I came under the "Finish" banner, a first aid lady helped me to a chair!!  I must have looked awful.... Not looking forward to the photos!  Anyway, despite coming in at 2hrs and 5secs, I am thrilled because I've knocked off almost 3 minutes from my previous PB (personal best).  Amazingly, I ran the 20th km in 5 minutes, which is faaaast (for me).  I celebrated with ice-cream, of course.  Oh, and some chocolate!   

 To add to my excitement, yesterday afternoon I received my copy of Run For Your Life magazine and there is my article!  Over two pages!  That's three articles I've had published now.  I am so happy!  It is really amazing.  I'm on such a high that I am almost unbearable to live with.  I must make sure I don't turn into a Diva.  

Well may I be having success with my running but if only I knew how this blog format worked.  Every time I blog is a new adventure in layout.  I feel a little self-conscious about gloating like this about my success but it really is quite a new sensation for me.  Running has really changed my life so much. It has opened up so many doors and made me realise how much I can achieve.  It's like I'm finding out all sorts of things about myself I never knew before!  Oh well... better late than never, I say.  I am feeling very encouraged to write more articles and now just have to maintain my confidence and send them in.  In a way though, I feel a bit bad about having so much good fortune, when others are not experiencing the same.  Recently I have come into contact with two possible suicides as well as a couple young people with cancer and it has kept a rein on my enthusiasm.  I guess it's just a reminder of how important it is to live every day to the full, isn't it?  And to never take anything you have for granted.  I am SUCH a lucky person.

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