12 June 2010

Brrrrr.... chilly, chilly

Yes, I am moaning about the cold.  I am living in a wooden house with plenty of ventilation and it just seems to get icy cold here from about 3pm.  My fingers are actually so cold right now that I can hardly type.  Yep, true!!  If I were living in Wellington, for example, I would have the appropriate heating devices in place, but here in the sub-tropics we are retarded in that regard.  Do you like my new blog look?  I logged on today to find there are big changes, which I hope will make it easier and more fun to blog.  I wonder if the photo placement tool is better.  Let me give it a try with a photo here of young Zoe & James.  
So far, so good.  Let's try another one of my buddy Annie and her family...

 Ha, no such luck.  I want that photo to be centred but it refuses to do it.  Plus, my font changes each time I place a photo.  Never mind. I will not despair because I have too much other news to share.  It's about .... running.  Yawn, yawn, yawn.  I'm sorry but I am on a Major High lately because I am just smashing every previous personal best time.  Every time I run, I smash it!  I am getting worried now that the spell will soon be broken, and before I get to the Gold Coast Half, which is only three weeks away.  Last weekend I ran 10km at Doomben in 51min 35secs, a PB of about two minutes AND I came THIRD in my age group!!  I have lived on that glory for the past week.  Unfortunately, this week I am feeling a bit fragile and sensing imminent viral attack so have taken it a bit easy today although tomorrow I have a 15km training run.  I have been hitting the hay early the past two nights and chowing down on zinc.  Here I am with my Finisher's Medal last weekend.  
Unfortunately, I am NEVER going to be on the cover of a running magazine, not being blessed with that easy, breezy runner look.  I always look a complete wreck during and after running (& possibly prior to!!).  I spend my week finding things to blog about and my weekend trying to recall them.  However, I DID want to ask for Reader Opinion regarding waiting room etiquette.  Yesterday, a couple were in the crowded waiting room of my place of business and started discussing the prevalence of young girls travelling to Asia for vaginal "tidy up" surgery!  Now, I'm afraid I have to say that I do not care for the V-bomb. I think it is an UGLY word and to have this couple mention it at least four times in five minues was almost too much to bear.  I had to get them in with the doctor ASAP and out of the waiting room!  Alas, it was not to be and my attempts to guide the discussion in other directions were utterly futile.  They were obsessed with the topic!  Groaaannnnn........  Cherry is back from the UK, thank goodness and just in the nick of time because I am about to crash and burn.  She brought me chocolates from Paris!!    

I am so glad to see her back. I have missed her very much, even though her replacement, Cupcake, was brilliant.  I wish I could have both Cupcake AND Cherry working with me all the time.  We sure need the extra hands I think.  Shame we have no room in the office.  


Anonymous said...

So Jen, a couple random thoughts re the V-bomb extravaganza in your office:
(a) any chance it was a clever ploy to jump the line and get to the doc sooner? or
(b)did you scan for cameras nattily concealed, recording all for the upcoming Candid Camera Waiting Room /Max Admin Staff Embarrassment special?

swellgal said...

Well you did use the word cherry and vagina in the same paragraph...

As long as nobody uses the word "panties" in front of me. I can hear the v bomb, please no panty talk

PS, call me. We need to discuss upcoming visit to Brizzie