02 June 2010

This filing life

Hi readers
Tim the Cat is making me bonkers!  I am trying to type and he is rubbing his head on my hand and waving his tail in my face. I think he wants biscuits...  I wonder what he would say to me, if he had the gift of the gab?  To be honest, he doesn't actually need to speak. I am getting the message loud and clear.  I am in a status anxiety currently because it's just been 5pm and I've had no idea what to cook for dinner, despite having had the day off work.  The freezer is full of unidentifiable left-overs and individual, nameless sausages.  There are three curled up veggies in the 'fridge and many, many cans of crushed tomatoes and cannellini beans.  Meanwhile, I live in a sea of cooking and home-maker magazines.  What a twisted irony THAT is, because despite all those recipes surrounding me, I still remain clueless as to what to cook. I wish I could embrace the joy of baking, enthuse about stews and pontificate about sauteeing, but I can not.  I find it a bit of a trial...  To make matters worse, I see many, many, many recipes that not only look delicious but also do not look too tricky to make - and then I lose the recipe in aforementioned ocean of publications!  I need help to file.  I need advice and assistance and mentorship in the ways of recipe journaling.  Can anyone help???
I subscribe to Donna Hay magazine, which I love for its simplicity and ease
but quite often I am enticed by Delicious or by House & Garden or Notebook and they all have recipes too.  Then there is the weekend edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, which occasionally showcases a delicious dish.  When I go back to make something I've seen within the last week, or often even in the past few days, I can't find the recipe!  Arrrrghhhh.  I need HELP.  For a person who is ever so slightly OCD, I get myself into a right tangle about my recipe collection.
On happier news, I recently had a Golden Opportunity to taste one of my very favourite American things, Ben & Jerry's Ice-Cream.  O what Bliss!  I was in heaven.  I could get as large as a house on the scrumptious delights of Ben & Jerry's.  Here I am with Annie, Huge and Leon.  Oink, oink, oink...

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