04 August 2010

Slackness lives on ... and on...

Oh crumbs :o(  I am obviously NOT a prolific blogger.  I've been BUSY!  "Doing what?"  I hear you ask. Well, my big news is that I ran the Brisbane Half Marathon last weekend and completed the 21.1.kms in 1hr 57mins 4despite having to take a pitstop at the Botanic Gardens (my first time in an event).  The last kilometre was a complete killer.  Actually, to be truly honest, the last 3kms were total torture.  It was a warm and humid day and the course had several hills.  I now have to sit down and concentrate on writing my Race Report for (hopeful) publication in the next issue of Run 4 Your Life magazine.  As you may recall, I recently wrote an unsolicited story and sent it in but when the mag came out this month, my story wasn't in it!  I was crushed...  However, as my writer cousine SPW pointed out, it's not an official rejection until I get written confirmation and I did not, so there is hope yet!  Other news is that our garden has been transformed into a botanical paradise.  Okay, so possibly "botanical" and "paradise" are too strong to use together but the potential is MASSIVE.  We hit the markets last weekend and bought a few plants which Spud planted, while I baked a cake.  The front yard looks amazing, though a bit stark as there is not one speck of shrubbery to be seen.  I am busy trying to decide what plants I would like and have to stick to a theme really, to give it some cohesion.  I am hoping we can plant lots of natives but I'd also like a wattle tree and I'd love a grass tree and what about ....?  We have a pond now too, that we hope to make habitable for frogs and little fish and some lovely aquatic weed.  So, lots of work ahead.  Time to go make dinner - and pay some bills :o(  No photos today.  Groannnnnn.  WHAT a wastrel I am!!!! 

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