22 August 2010

Sunday arvo footy

Hi dear readers
It WAS a lovely Sunday afternoon around here, lying on dad's Swedish sofa, reading Tim Winton's latest novel, "Breath", which I am thoroughly enjoying, until .... the pets moved into my personal space and our neighbour TWO doors down decided to turn on the AFL game and turn off his hearing aid!  Thankfully the kid on the other side of our house has not chosen this moment to practice his trumpet or drum skills.  I suppose I should revel in this snapshot of Australiana.  You know - sunny skies, unresolved Federal election, washing on the clothes line, possum damage in the veggie patch.  All those things that make living in Australia so bloody GOOD!  Am I using too many exclamation marks lately?  I just found an article about the subject in The Guardian.  Everyone around here wants feeding!  Spud has just come in asking what's for tea and Tim the Cat is about to claw my face again if I don't hurry up and put food in his bowl.  It's only 4:30pm for crying out loud!  
This is my cousin Pedro avec La Familia - I miss them...
So, I am volunteering at the Brisbane Writer's Festival in two weeks' time and yesterday we had our orientation, which proved to be a bit dull, but necessary.  However, I got my roster and I am thrilled to see that I will be Assistant Venue Manager in the presence of Val McDermid, William McInnes and John Birmingham.  I am really looking forward to it.  I have really gotten excited about following my dreams to write more and I want to start with learning how to blog properly!  Well, it's been bloody difficult trying to find any information about this topic but then I stumbled upon the Queensland Writers Centre which has lots of workshops, resources, courses etc so I've become a member this very day.  

 The site of my inspiration - The State Library of Queensland, where I was yesterday.  Check out the blue, blue, blue, blue sky! 


 Just a few snaps of Life around Here that I've taken over the past few weeks.  This sign below however, was taken yesterday at our polling booth and I think it's despicable.  
I may be wrong, but this piece of propoganda reeks of misogyny by the Liberal Party and their ultlra-conservative right-wing ideals.  Disappointingly, it looks like Mr Rabbit will be our next Prime Minister.  What a shame.  Anyway, this blog is not meant to be a political forum so I will refrain from saying another word.  However, I fear a piece of chocolate is in the offing after the 6 o'clock news tonight. 

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