25 August 2010

my family are stars!

My brother Hugh made this video of my Uncle Terry on the Mississippi River in his motor cruiser, "Leah" (named after my glamorous great-aunt).  It stars Terry, Aunt Trish & Coco the Poodle and Hugh filmed it, edited it and produced it and I think it's brilliant!  Thanks bro' xxxx

A Boat on the River from H. Williams on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Jen Darling
Beyond 'interesting', beyond 'cool'. You have relatives for others to envy!
Best life advice I ever heard: 'Keep between the banks and go slow'. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Jen, that was fabulous viewing.I just loved it. Well done to Hugh. The Bakewell Tart x