26 August 2010

Watching the garden grow

As usual, by the time I park myself in front of the computer screen, all the clever things I had planned to write have disappeared out of my brain cavity...  I am busy watching our beans grow - literally.  If I strain my head up and to the left, I might even be able to see the said bean (the one in the top photo, to the left) toppling that little mound of dirt over as it sprouts.  I can't really understand why I am getting so excited about the process of photosynthesis other than to tell you that it is fascinating and exciting to see Life in my own backyard - apart from the life that is the cat/dog and the birds and grass growing.  I think this argument is losing its plot right about now....  Maybe I am just a "closetted farmer" discovering the joy of growing my own food.  Now we have to hope that the possum is not interested.  I shall be Very Disappointed if, after all that hard work the beans have done, they are gobbled up by a fluffy nocturnal pest!
Today I have been to the GoMA to see the Valentino exhibition and let me be the first (on this blog) to tell you that it was SENSATIONAL!  The frocks are divine, in general.  They are like works of art!  Sculptures in organza, silk, tuille, broderie, lace...  (no cotton here).  
This frock was one of my favourites.  Each flower was made of crumpled silk taffeta (or something) individually dyed a shade of crimson.  It was divine.
I had a lovely time wandering about down near the State Library and GoMA and took some photos of Brisbane that you might enjoy.

Now I must get down to "studying".  Yes, you heard right.  I need to work out what the HELL kind of coaching session I am going to have on Day One of my Beginner Running Group on 4 September!  I don't even have my location sorted yet!  I am as nervous as billy-o.  I still consider it completely and utterly mad that ME of all people should be a running coach.  It's ludicrous.  I guess the secret to my success is going to be all about my getting used to the idea of being a coach and not being incredulous about it.  Why is Tim the Cat always harassing me when I am on this computer?  Now he is trying to drink out of MY glass of water...  If I don't give him what he wants, he will either smack me across the face, claws out, or pee on my pyjamas.  Malicious, evil feline.  Okay, let's hit the books! 

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