10 October 2010

Sunday afternoon diddling

It is a deliciously cosy weekend here in Queensland.  It is pouring with rain and the wind is howling.  Brilliant!  Such a pleasant change from all that sun, sun, sun & heat.  Amazingly, the weather has not become humid either, which I was sure it would do.  It's a perfect weekend for staying indoors reading, blogging, cooking & watching trashy telly - all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed doing.  In fact, there are pears poaching on the cooktop & a loaf baking right now but I cannot take the credit for those as Spud has been in major homemaker mode.  I am looking out over our bountiful veggie garden and marvelling at what we have grown there.  Last week we had a salad picked fresh! 
 The only thing NOT from the garden was the red tomatoes.  It's super wonderful to be able to wander around the garden & chomp on things you've just picked - keeping an eye out for caterpillars (refer to broccoli incident of several blogs back)
 Who knows but chooks might be next?  Lil is fascinated by them as on our morning walks, we pass a hen house and she always, ALWAYS stops to watch them. 
And then there was the chocolate….  Actually, these are not mine. I bought them at Selfridges for mum but she did let me try one & it was sensational!   
Off to read my book now.  I am deeply absorbed in the new Ken Follett historic epic, "Fall of Giants" & can hardly put it down - although I usually end up having to as it is so heavy & so thick!  Cheerio! 


Susan Buret said...

Beautiful salad. Tomatoes are still a dream for us.

Anonymous said...

Is there a grand prize for being reader # 5 0 0 0 ??