26 December 2010

Feliz Navidad mes amis!

Oh yeah, so smart am I not, blabbing in two languages, neither of which I really know at all.  Clever, clever, clever…. It's a soggy, damp, smelly Boxing Day here & I am listening to the clothes dryer churning through yet another load as the rain pelts down outside & the spiders, geckos, flies & mozzies have a party.  My sunflowers are all bent over too, their huge flowers weighted down by litres of rainwater.  So, Merry Christmas to all!  I have had a lovely, smug Christmas.  Smug because not only did I run 9.5km yesterday morning at 6am, but I also offered myself as the sacrificial designated driver, leaving me feeling pretty darn good by 5pm Christmas evening.  Goody for me!  I started the day with a pre-run mince pie, homemade by Spud.  It was absolute heaven.  

The pastry literally melted in my mouth.  His secret involved orange juice in the dough I think, but now I might have to kill you….  Huge & mum came up from down south for Christmas Eve & we tucked in to a wonderful ham & some other culinary delights.

Christmas Day entailed a giant fruit salad, bursting with all those delicious summertime fruits currently in season - blueberries, strawberries, grapes, lychees, mangoes, cherries & watermelon.  The peaches were horrible & I have totally lost all faith in them. I have NEVER had a good peach!!  It's a scam by the Peach Marketing Authority (if that even exists).  We then headed off out to lunch, which proved to be a Truly Brilliant Idea, taking all the stress & hassle out of Christmas Day cooking & washing up.  

It was all so tasty!  Mum & I went a bit ape for the delicious, juicy oysters, bursting with salty freshness.  Desserts, such as this one above, were also completely scrumptious.  I actually didn't have any of THIS one, which I think is some sort of white christmas thingo but I did go to town on the tiny mousse-filled chocolate cups with the fresh raspberries on top.  Oh dear… Luckily I was wearing a loose fitting frock.  The evening was spent at friends' where we met lots of interesting people whilst wearing pretend moustaches & reminisced about our fab NZ walking trip this year.  Once the subject of teenage masturbation came up (brought about by an inebriated guest) the party pretty well broke up, which was a relief as we were all toast by then.  So, another Christmas behind us & a whole new year of unsustainable resolutions to look forward to!  I'll keep you posted on THAT one but in the meantime, help yourselves to my (if I must say so myself) SENSATIONAL fruit cake.  
PS:  at least we aren't up to our knees in snow like my uncle & aunt in Minnesota…

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Anonymous said...

HUGE and Mum? A Freudian slip? I hope that adorable bro of yours loves you like he should, li'l sister!