09 January 2011

blogging in the rain

Yes, rain.  You heard me.  Rain, rain, rain.  More rain.  Big drops, little drops, soft drops, heavy drops, fast drops, slow drops.  Yawn….  This is a little movie I took at mum's just after Christmas but the situation remains the same today.  Wet, wet, wet...

Back to work this week after a super duper Christmas/New Year break.  It has been hard to go back.  I love my job in that I love my co-worker Cherry and I love my boss but I feel I want to do something different.  I am right into my family history currently and am really enjoying reading history also.  I'm reading about the formation of the original thirteen US colonies, in an attempt to understand how/why my ancestors ended up where they did (in Salem, Massachusetts and in Cumberland & Gloucester Co., New Jersey).  I have also been reading historical novels about Henry 6th and now about Richard 3rd.  I just find it all so fascinating.  How can I include history into my daily work life?  Speaking of history, here are some historical photos of moi that my brother scanned & sent me.  
This is my 5th birthday, wearing my little blue velvet number

This is me as a tortured, angst-ridden teen

Goofing off in my youth (as opposed to in my senior years)

Channelling my inner Nigella…
I did not go running today because I have bruised my heel, tripping over the dog and don't want to exacerbate the problem.  That sounds like the perfect excuse anyway, to justify being cosied up indoors with a coffee rather than running through puddles in the teeming rain, don't you agree?  I did return to the pool this week for a swim session which proved to be quite difficult.  The swimmers in all those other lanes make it look so easy!  Will I ever get my breathing right?  

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Susan Buret said...

? is it to late to enroll in an online history subject at somewhere like Deakin Uni.