26 February 2011

more tears to shed… both happy and sad

So, I found "Beached Az" during the media maelstrom that has followed from the disastrous Christchurch earthquake this week.  What this particular film has to do with tragedy is ZERO other than to make me laugh and offer a pleasant respite from scenes of heartache and devastation on the news and internet. Really, laughter can fix just about any heartache, can it not?  I'd been to watch "Black Swan" on my day off & hobbled out of the cinema in a state of mental anguish when, sitting at the counter of the Sushi Train, I happened to look up at the television on the wall and discovered that lovely Christchurch had been devastated and people were trapped and killed.  SHIT.  shit.  Merde.  @#$%^&* 
Honestly, is there a point at which we might all scratch our heads and wonder when this is all going to stop?  I've never known a year to be so bad, and it's only February.  And for every natural disaster in the Southern Hemisphere is a political and democratic disaster in the Middle East.  Floods = Tunisia, Cyclone = Egypt, Earthquake = Libya.  All I really want for now, more than anything else, is a bit of PEACE and TRANQUILITY.  Okay, so the media can be bored out of their skulls for a few months.  They'll manage. They can clean out their desks, dust the overhead fans, empty out the fridge in the staff tea-room.  The journalists themselves are falling apart, as John Taylor showed us on the 7.30 Report this week.  I felt for him so much!  He really did a great job but I hope this is not scarring him permanently, the things he has seen in the last two months….
So, "Beached Az" can be a part of my life any time it wants to, as can "Shaun the Sheep", "Monty Python" and any other silliness and nonsense that crosses my path.  
And as for that piece of chocolate cake I think about eating, but don't - ha!  Those days are OVER.  My motto de jour is Live for the Moment!  Besides, with all the running I have been doing recently, as I up my mileage in preparation for July, I have nothing (much) to worry about.  Over the past week, I have run 50km, with another 21km to run tomorrow.  I haven't run that far since last July, but I am going to run it Very Slowly and not worry about the time. I am just working on my endurance and also, trying to train my mind to "enjoy" the pain and discomfort.  Blah, blah…  Possibly "train" is not the right word.  Maybe I should say "trick"!   Now, time to go and think about carb loading and hydrating (ie cup of tea and a biscuit!) 

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