03 March 2011

The mysteries of life

My co-worker and I are sitting here wondering why Jewish people are so persecuted.  I possibly sound naive but I really cannot work it out.  Neither can Cherry. This discussion has been prompted by a scan of the on-line news in which we read about John Galliano, insulting a Jewish couple in a Paris cafe.  But the point is, WHY?  What are we missing that obviously incites so much passion in others?I don't even know how you know who is Jewish and who is not.  It's a mystery.  If anything, I find the aspects of Judaism that I am aware of to be really interesting and made more so by reading about them on the website, Being Jewish.   Maybe people behave stupidly about Judaism because they don't understand it and are afraid?  I am sure that's why so many people are afraid of Islam... Personally, I am afraid of John Galliano.  He is seriously odd-looking. 
On a much lighter note, I have discovered today that Buckingham Palace, in an effort to embrace the 21st century and popular culture, have instigated a website for the marriage of Wills to Kate.  Of course, being the ardent Royal fan that I am (!), I have linked this site to my own blog and will now be able to continue with life, knowing I can get regular Royal Bridezilla updates! 
 As for running, well I anticipate that by the time the Royal Wedding comes around on 29 April, I will be incapable of any aisle walking or reception dancing, so am secretly relieved not to have received an invitation.  My weekly mileage has been amped right up and I find I am now running about 50km/week which is exhausting me!  My lower back is kicking up a stink in protest too, so it's been off to the physio for some treatment.   At the finish line of last week's half marathon at Brisbane Road Runners, I became seriously concerned at the realisation that come 3 July, I will only be half way around the course. How will I ever do it?  Hey....  I just checked the results and guess what?  I came THIRD in my age category!  Get out!!  I can't believe it!!!  My time was hideous....  The slowest I've ever done & it was SO HOT but even so, I am so happy I placed.  That's only the second time ever for me :o)  Yippeeee!  The highlight of doing that half-marathon actually was running with Kaitlin and Greg who were both doing their very first half-marathon and I am really thrilled that I was able to help them along and give them some tips and watch them cross the line, feeling so proud of themselves.  Super feeling. 

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