12 March 2011

Mourning for the world

I know I possibly am a bit of a doomster and prone to getting a tiny bit down about Life, but can anyone blame me with the current world events?  Following yesterday's devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, I am utterly FLAT.  I do not want to see one more article about it on the news.  I just don't want to know. I want to make like an ostrich and put my hand deep into the sand.  
I woke up this morning feel just poxy and blue, so badly that I secretly wished none of my beginner runners would show up.  How bad is that??  So, of course, five of them DID show and we ran 7.25kms along the river to the Goodwill Bridge and back again and, as I knew would happen (and counted on happening), the run cheered me up.  Running really works wonders as a natural anti-depressant or mood enhancer.  Works every time!  Swimming is up there too although yesterday at training, ploughing through the water like a torpedo (ha, ha, ha…  in my dreams) the pain in my arms was leaving me wondering if I'd be able to life a coffee cup to my lips in the foreseeable future…  Oooo,  I am liking my new blog look.  I have been playing around with all the tabs and settings.  Fun!  This is in preparation, of course, for my Brilliant New Career.  My meeting on Wednesday was really informative and I feel alot better about my decision.  The only thing worrying me now is whether I will be able to fit my uni classes in around my part-time job with a surgeon.  However, I will stop all this anticipatory worry and just wait to see what happens.  It turns out I may have some credit up my sleeve too, for the Newswriting and Novel and Genre subjects I did about five years ago.  Yippeee!  I am still a bit terrified but did I not just say, on this Very Blog, less than 72 hours ago that there is nothing like a natural disaster to make you re-think your place in the world, or something along those lines?  Well, if I'm not getting the message then I am more dense than I ever thought.  Off to email my beginner runners and to work on my 10km training program.  Cheerio!  Just writing this blog today has distracted me nicely too.  
Here's the finisher photo from last weekend's run with Fiona behind me there just finishing her First Ever Event - yeehaa!  Bring on the Twilight Ten Km!!

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