10 March 2011

slow, subtle torture

Groannnn….  a killer training session this morning.  When we first heard what we were doing, I thought, "ooo, that will be pleasant" because we were running along some beautiful, tree-lined streets with amazing houses so the view is wonderful.  By the end of the session, I was half dead!  We did 4 x 2km reps, the first at our marathon pace, which I predicted to be about 6mins 5 secs.  Each rep was 5 seconds faster.  It was a subtle killer, let me tell you!  I am hurtin' all over!  But I am so glad I did it and also, for the first time, I remembered to take my frozen "Up & Go" protein drink to have on the way home and it was absolutely SCUMPTIOUS!  Like a chocolate thickshake!  
So, today I am meeting the coaching co-ordinator of InTraining, Linda, to discuss the idea of getting a beginner 10km running group started, with me coaching it!  I am basically doing that with my Saturday morning group, but am not 100% confident about it and would like to get a bit more structure happening and also, be able to give the girls a program.  Then at lunchtime my old neighbour and ex-ABC journo is putting me in contact with someone who works in the communications/PR industry and we are having lunch together. I am quite excited although Bob and Nadia probably will be wondering WHY?  But it's always that way, when you have been in a job for a long time, other people always think that what you do is exciting and glamorous, don't they?  I hope that talking with Nadia will help me decide which course I want to do and give me ideas about work opportunities at the other end of it.  We'll see! Nothing like a few natural disasters to jerk you into action about doing something you've always wanted to do, right?  

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Anonymous said...

Well Jen, our marathon paths cross once again. It must be the time of year for fast running. I did 4 x 1km reps on Monday (at around 5.25 pace) and then my coach said I had to do a 5km time trial this morning. I'm very happy with my time of 27mins 50secs (I'm stuffed and hurting now), but I won't be taking this pace into the marathon!

For the record, I've worked in the PR/comms/media industry for the past 20 years and it's not that glamorous, but it is exciting and no two days are the same.