28 March 2011


Yesterday I went to the movies with the girls from my old book club.  We saw, "Never Let Me Go", which completely screwed up my emotional status quo.  It was a brilliant film with all that great acting and amazing storyline and brilliant cinematography, yada, yada... but the concept was utterly devastating really.  Clones bred for organ donation.  I found myself crying my eyes out by end.  Mainly because it was an all too bitter reminder of my own experiences of being present when a young brain-dead person becomes an organ donor.  I hadn't realised it would open up such raw emotion.  It's been at least 20 years since 12 year-old Sam (who came off a skateboard) and about 10 years since the 18 year-old boy with the smiley face drawn on his hand (who was riding on the bonnet of a car) went off to theatre to donate.  Working in the operating theatres, occasionally this sort of thing comes up and while organ donation is a brilliant concept and I endorse it 100%, being there for the end of a young person's short and tragic life is not.   So, to cheer myself up, I am including some baby elephant photos. I actually found them the other day at the request of a four year-old who insisted I Google "baby animals".      Life is just SO precious that instead of crying about the loss of it, I should think about the beauty and wonder of it.  Bring on David Attenborough and his DVDs!

I sound like I'm in one of my Gloom Pits, but I'm not really!  This delicious Afghan biscuit, made by a gorgeous girl from the coffee shop, was SENSATIONAL and has also contributed to my good mood. 
By the way, I have a new blog!  It's a blog just for my running rants and raves. I have decided I really need to keep my running life and my everyday life separate or running will overwhelm me.  It is already eating up most of my brain cells and worrying energy!  I just read a fellow runner's Facebook post, for instance, that tomorrow we are down for 17km worth of training!  Shite!  @#$%  So, for running rants, go to my new blog entitled, "Fourteen Weeks" and see what happens.  Maybe you will learn to love running too! 

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