24 March 2011

Farewell Elizabeth!

I have found myself "mourning" Elizabeth Taylor today, even though I have never seen a single one of her movies.  I guess it's just that she was just such a part of life really.  Such a "presence" is perhaps the right word.  These modern mass-produced starlets can't hold a flame to her for charisma and style. 
I have written this quote of hers on my whiteboard at work for all to see:
Love it!
 I decided to ease my sorrow (!) with this cupcake.  Isn't it pretty? I should just call this blog, "The Daily Cupcake" really shouldn't I?  I actually shared it with my friend so can not be held accountable for every calorie it contained.  And I DID run 10kms at training this morning!  I terrified myself yesterday by looking ahead at my training schedule for the next three months.  OhMyGod!  What am I doing?  When did I get the hairbrained idea that I could RUN 42.2kms?  I even had an early morning nightmare yesterday, waking in a cold sweat after dreaming I was at the start line with no sunhat, no gels, no anti-chafe goop and broken Port-a-Loos everywhere.  Horrible!
Ever since I made the mental committment to study Journalism, my blogging regularity has improved.  It must be the unleashing of my closeted writing instincts!  Whatever it is, I think it must be a good thing.  Cheerio!

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