18 March 2011

Tears for Japan

This soldier is praying for the body he is about to retrieve
The tragedy of Japan, unfolding day by day, is utterly, utterly depressing.  I am feeling completely helpless and sad for the suffering of so many as I sit here at my desk, unable to do anything other than donate money.  But what use is money if they can't even get supplies in?  Every day brings new stories of survival, struggle, bravery and hardship being faced by the Japanese.  Interestingly, the melancholia I am currently feeling is being felt by others too.  I was chatting to my cousin in LA this morning (via instant messaging) and he is just as bummed out as I am. His big fear is for the future his young son in light of the nuclear catastrophe that is unfolding.  The news on that front seems to vary from "okay" to "out of control" to "under control" to "catastrophic".  I don't think anyone really knows what is going to happen but those incredibly brave people who are risking their lives to save the lives of so many others are truly incredible.   My co-worker, Cherry, is miserable too and I think that in light of all these natural disasters, it must be quite understandable that people are generally fed up and depressed.  I try to remember what my journalist brother has told me, which is to always, ALWAYS try to find the good things and focus on them.  For me, good things mean running and cute puppies and nature and books and chocolate so...  time to think about those wonderful, magnificent aspects of life. 

Unfortunately, I feel like I've hit the wall as far as my training goes.  Yesterday was a short 8km run but I found it incredibly difficult.  My body is aching all over and I generally feel about 75 years old.  Hopefully, a two days by the seaside this weekend will have me in tip-top shape for my 10km run on Sunday afternoon at the Twilight Run.  

  Rock wallaby on Magnetic Island, photographed by my bro'

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