23 March 2011

Happy times!

Hi readers!  Just wanted to announce that I am over my FUNK.  It has passed. We went down to mum's for the weekend and thanks to her cooking and a weekend near the coast and in the bush, all is Much Better with the World.  Nothing like walking on a rainy beach with the dog, doing the crossword, reading and eating delicious culinary morsels to cheer the glummest heart.

Mum made us this chocolate cake using Nana's recipe.  Oh Crumbs....  Looks like a train wreck but tasted delicious!

Saturday's moon - photo courtesy of The Guardian Newspaper 
Another of mum's culinary masterpieces.  Meatloaf sandwiches...  Mmmmmm. Unbeatable..
Sunday was the Twilight Running Festival.  I didn't do the half marathon event as some of my beginner group were running their first 10km and I wanted to be there for that and to help them along.  It was a really scenic route, which seemed to make the humidity a little more tolerable.  Really, I can't say it enough but the feeling of satisfaction I am getting from helping other people to love running is SENSATIONAL!  It beats anything I've ever done really.  Well... it's up there anyway.  While I am still a bit worried about my "coaching skills", my beginners always encourage me and accept me as I am and are so grateful for my help! 
Post-Twilight 10km with my beginners (and our medals!)
Clare, moi, Jane and Caroline
The last fabulous thing that has happened since I last blogged is that the story I wrote about the Women's International Day Fun run was published AND they used two of my photos too!  I can't believe the photos were good enough quality for publication as I took them using my iPhone.  My journo brother is lamenting the fact that I still have never been paid for anything I've written but I am happy enough to have had a chance to see my name and words in print!  It has spurred me on to complete my application form for uni to do journalism later this year and I am not going to worry about whether or not I can get a job at the end of it.  At least I will be learning about something I am passionate about and who knows what doors will open up?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, congrats to your gals on their 10km achievement, and congrats on the R4YL article. My copy arrived yesterday and your article was very good - double page spread, very impressive. Don't worry too much about my latest 'rant' on the blog, and the nice intraining people are getting some more watches. I've just got home from a nice 7km jog - the Gold Coast journey continues....after a coffee and hot cross bun!