19 April 2011


I am not doing much night sleeping lately and instead, seem to be daydreaming - a lot - about particularly stupid, silly things.  Possibly due to cerebral hypoxia perhaps, secondary to all this running?  The verandah of my buddy's new Cairns Esplanade unit looks like the perfect place for some of this crazy daydreaming.  What a gorgeous view Swell!
Royal wedding "fever" is starting to build around the neighbourhood, which has prompted me to dredge up another daydream of the Duke of Argyll and me, living in bliss in Inverary Castle, fording icy highland streams in our wellies, with our bounding labradors beside us, the mating calls of stags in the distance and my basket of knitting beside the fire in the great hall.....   
Speaking of knitting, look at this gem of a book, available from Amazon - in a Kindle version too!  I must get myself a copy as I've always wanted to knit a corgi... Looking back on this blog, I am seriously reconsidering my mental state.  Thank goodness holidays are just about upon me.  I think I need a break!

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