10 April 2011

Sunday moanings

Oh readers!  I am suffering from major self-inflicted discomfort, caused by running 28kms this morning before breakfast.  I've had panadol and I've cracked (prematurely) into my Easter bilby but I remain quite uncomfortable. So much so that I can't actually relax enough to catch some zeds, which I would dearly love to do.  It IS Sunday afternoon after all and I only had about five hours' sleep last night so I am well and truly knackered.  Haven't blogged on this site lately, neglecting it in favour of my running blog because, as you all know, I am completely consumed by this bloody Marathon training.  I hope I don't hit the wall and blow out.  Hopefully, a two-week holiday over Easter will be just what I need to bring me back into alignment.  So, here are some recent photos from my life as it stands.  Breakfast with Jemma, Amy & Kerry this week before work - and before Amy gives birth.  
Urgent request for US-bound brother to bring back this edition of Vanity Fair…  It has interesting articles you know! 
Mum meanwhile, is in China, visiting gardens on a tour with a bunch of other garden enthusiasts.  She keeps us up to date daily with her latest edition of her "chronicle".  I have set up a blog for her but she hasn't quite worked it out so it remains empty.  Here she is tucking in to Shanghai green tea "Haagen Dazs" ice cream.  Hmmm..  I see Haagen Dazs has a Save the Honey Bee campaign going.  Nice.  I am a fan of the bee and we are planning to rent a hive for our garden.  I don't know much about them but I DO know they are in danger and the earth NEEDS BEES! 
I have been checking out the info about my uni degree that I am starting in July.  My first subject is "Feature Writing" and amazingly, the text I require is available from the Book Depository, an on-line book retailer I learned about this week, based in the UK that ships to Australia with no shipping costs!  I'm sorry to be a prophet of doom but I am sure the $16 I have paid for my text book via Book Depository will be an improvement on what I might possibly pay at the university book shop…  Okay, let me try one more time to have a lie down for half an hour or I will be a total write-off before the 7pm news!  
My friend Swellgal took this photo on her recent holiday in India - I love it, though it's a good reminder of the benefits of sun protection!

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