19 May 2011

Missing in Action

Oh dear readers!  I have been so busy with L.I.F.E lately that I've badly neglected my blog.  Shame, shame.  So, here are all the photos I've been saving up to put on the blog. I need to get them off my desktop and tidy up a bit.  Cripes, we are listening to John Farnham on the radio!  Eeeeek, station re-tune required urgently!  Anyway, this photo here is just super isn't it?  It's a panda researcher at work.  Thank goodness that in my line of work, I don't need to dress up like a plastic surgery patient! Most photos are courtesy of The Guardian by the way. 

has Washington ever looked THIS good?

These are the SENSATIONAL chocolates my boss' beautiful wife gave me at Easter - from Max Brenner.  I wish the box had been much, much, much bigger... MUCH bigger - oink.

Treats for me means treats for the dog - these are from a great little shop called "Lamington" at Noosa.  They look good enough to eat & it's a shame LillyPilly won't be able to tell me how tasty they were.

More Guardian photography...

I have decided to start knitting again.  I found a pattern for a scarf that I am going to try making, using Jo Sharp wool and one of her patterns.  The pattern states it is EASY but that is yet to be verified.  I'll get back to you on that one...  However, I think the Royal Wedding Party is beyond me for a lifetime.   I have downloaded a few books via Kindle onto my iPad but I've yet to really get in to reading them.  I'm not yet convinced that I prefer holding a hard, inanimate, cold, technical object to caressing the pages of a comforting, slightly heavy, musty-smelling book, with a few biscuit crumbs and coffee stains on the pages, you know?  Speaking of high tech stuff though, I have joined Twitter!  I am a Twitterati.... with no bloody idea at all of how the hell it works or what I'm doing.  As my co-worker said so succintly, Facebook helps you dislike people you know while Twitter helps you like people you don't know.  So far, I have "met" a few people via Twitter but, as I said, I'm not exactly sure what the heck I am doing. I'm hoping Stephen Fry will want me to become one of his millions of followers but I suspect that, unless I have something interesting or witty to Tweet, he will not.  The pressure, the pressure to perform!  I can't take it....  Can I?  So, this being so, I'd better add a widget/gadget to this blog to enable my trusty readers to Tweet my blog.  Crikey.  I feel like I've grasped onto the tail of a techno comet and am hanging on for dear life as it shoots off.

My Austin girls....  love, love, love xxx

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