22 July 2011


I'm back.  Or, as Mick Jagger once said, "I haven't had the time to plan returning to the scene because I haven't left it".  I'm actually not really sure what that means...  Let me read it again.
Anyway, what I am trying to say is The Daily Biscuit is now my primary blog.  My Number One.  The conduit for me to channel my literary yearnings. Ha!  I have just directed my trusty readers over to this blog from my running blog, Giddy Up Jen, so I hope they made it. I  hope I didn't lose them in the ether on the way over.  I am so neglectful of this blog that I actually forgot what it was called!  I forgot that I changed its name from The Daily Banksia or The Daily Twinkle or The Daily Scarf or whatever it has been in the past. I am going to try and keep the same name for it now, to avoid confusion.  Just to reassure you that you really HAVE reached the correct blog for the correct woman, I am attaching some of my favourite images, many of which will be familiar to you.
The Colin Firth Image (a standard requirement)

A Love of my Life Image - and future husband!

An amazing Aquabumps underwater image 

To the avid readers of GiddyUp Jen, I can only say that I hope you enjoy reading stuff other than run stuff all the time because this blog, The Daily Biscuit, is full of everything. There will be some chittychat about running, because it is a large and important part of my life but there will also be chittychat about a pile of other things. Basically, anything that takes my fancy!  It is a directionless blog.  It lacks foundation and guidance.  As for GiddyUp Jen, well... I have just turned it into a book!  It was so easy!  It was so inexpensive!  The finished product will arrive on my doorstep on about 17 August.  It will be my first ever book!  I was able to do it via Blog2Print.  Okay, well now I have to get back to work.  There it is folks.  There is never any time!  I will write again soon though.  Hopefully over the weekend.  Cheerio!
PS:  Friday afternoon musing - is it wrong to lust after a Caramello Koala and then want to eat only its head, leaving its sweet caramel-filled little body for next Friday?  I have to watch my weight you know!

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