31 July 2011

Winter sunshine

The hardest thing about this blog is thinking of a rivetting title each time I post.  I thought I had quite an imagination, but possibly it's not as sharp as I wish.  I've been sitting outside in the winter sunshine, toasting my toes after my 12km run this morning.  Yesterday's run group was fun and there was a good turn-out with all agreeing that I shouldn't change anything about the current format.  I'm obviously doing it right 'cos they keep on comin' back for more!  Here we are at brekky after the run.
I know this is not a running blog, like "GiddyUp Jen" was but, whilst trawling through some old photos, I found this one of me during my first ever "event", the 2007 Bridge to Brisbane (4.5km).  And then there's the most recent photo, from this year's Gold Coast Marathon.  That equates to a difference of four years, 37.7kilometres and six kilograms.  Hmm, I like it. At least I'm smiling this year!!

I've been sifting through photos from  previous wonderful holidays.  Gee I am one lucky woman.  Lucky, lucky, lucky me.  Paris, Scotland, Jervis Bay, London, Dubai, USA…  Speaking of Paris, I just finished reading this great book (below) written by a NYC native adjusting to life in Paris with her French paramour.  She's included none-too-scary-looking recipes too  so I had a shot at the fennel salad, and it was scrumptious!  I'm in a Fennel Phase right now.  There is another bulb in the 'fridge so watch out!

This bistro in Paris is where my dad and mum used to eat in the 1960's.  

And of course, you can't go to Paris without a visit to Laduree for astronomically priced, yet intensely divine macarons.  Big sigh….

All this Frence reminiscing is making me want to start French lessons, eat some fromage and generally, run away to France with my husband-to-be.  How can I say that when I am so looking forward to my uni day tomorrow?!?

To put my taste buds back in their place, I will tell you about the repugnant gastronomic experience I had last night.  We had friends over and I decided to open the slab of bacon-flavoured chocolate I bought last November at the Union Market in Brooklyn.  I don't really know why I've been holding on to it for so long.  Fear perhaps?  Or the preservation of a truly rare gourmet (?) "delight"?  No mind. I tore the tinfoil and broke off a square. Well, I consider myself to be quite a conoisseur of chocolate and an open-minded one at that. I will try pretty well any flavour of chocolate and have yet to be disappointed… Until now.  Reeeevolting.  Disgusting.  Nauseating.  Gut-churning.  Abominable.  Getting the picture?  Yes, of COURSE the boys loved it.  The boys loved it!  The girls did not.  It was so…. so…. salty.  So bacon-y.  It was not nice. Give me Laduree any day.  In fact, I cannot believe I have mentioned Mo's Bacon Bar AND Laduree on the same page.  I ought to be flogged.

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