26 August 2011

Flogging a half dead horse

Okay readers, I think I am experiencing more journalistic angst.  Is this the only time I am going to write from now on?  Just when I have angst to share?  No, no, no!  I promise I won't!  I am all ready to write today but have become waylaid by my next project - a 1500 word magazine article (the next part of my uni assessment).  Unfortunately, it is due in three weeks!  However, I still have one more week to finish the profile piece I am working on - or rather the two profiles I am writing, not yet knowing which one has the best "legs".  I have all these ideas for stories but putting them into words and making them interesting for other people to read is hard work!  And in fact, does what I find interesting actually interest anyone else?  That is the question…  So, after attending uni this week (I got 9/10 for my description assessment!!) I discovered that due to my impending holiday, I no longer have the luxury of time for my next assignment. My brain box is working overtime (usually at 3am) thinking of a story.
And, of course, my blog is suffering the most in my pursuit of journalistic excellence.  I am not writing nearly enough.  My journal is gathering dust too.  There are just not enough hours in the day!  Maybe I can write about the extortionist banana prices?  

Isn't this (above) and amazing ceiling?  It's in the library at uni & is made up of hundreds of old library books.  What a sensational idea!  It looks brilliant and also, make a great sound insulator. 
This is a photo of the 1896 Olympic Marathon.  It was won by Greek, Spiridon Louis in 2:58:50.  Maybe I could write about THAT?  Oh yes, but I am trying to take a break from writing about running stuff All The Time.  Speaking of which, I have sent in my first two columns to R4YL and am waiting for feedback about re-writes or total overhauls but as yet, nothing.  It will all come at once, on 21 September, the day before we go away for two weeks.  I know it.  I am steeling myself for it.  Time  to walk the dog now as she is pacing, making noises and generally throwing the Guilt Trip at me.  This weekend I intend to run 10 miles at Road Runners, my longest run since the Gold Coast.  I have the Sydney Half Marathon in only three weeks or so and I am just not sure if I can even finish!!  Ha, ha 

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