28 August 2011


Gulp.  I just read this on Twitter and I think he might be talking about ME!!  I've never professed to being GOOD at this!  I just enjoy it.  I guess that's all that matters but if I could, I'd be more than happy to do a workshop on how to write better blogs.  
Don't you just LOVE this tip jar at the Bunker coffee market stall .  So clever!  I went for my longest run this morning since the marathon and it was Hard Work.  10 miles, which I think is about 16kms - on a humid, warm morning with a case of the collywobbles.  Not a good combo, but I did it!  I really need to get some more kms under my belt before Sydney in about three weeks - gulp! 

Meanwhile, these are the photos my brother has taken from his hotel room in … you guess it.  Hong Kong. I would like to go there. I would!  Just for a little peek.  A bit of a two-way view!  He is flying First Class to London tonight, poor love.  Why would one's brother spend his Frequent Flyer points upgrading like that when he could give them to his beloved sister?  I don't understand…
 Happy organic veggies.  Maybe we need to play music to our garden?  All our produce gets is chicken poo and worm juice.

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