24 September 2011

Holiday technology

So folks, despite the best laid plans of mice & men (have I used that line before?)my holiday blogging is going to be photo-less. I bought one app to help me upload photos on to Blogger but then I realised I needed to buy ANOTHER app to help me upload photos from my iPad to Picasa to then go to Blogger. Do you smell a conspiracy? I do!!! So, I have purchased said app but now, of course, it will not download until I sync this <#%*£€¥ little iPad to my "Mothership" computer which, of course, I did not bring on holidays because, well... it is just too big, isn't it? However, as a sign of my newly found maturity and grace (!!) I have just sighed deeply & decided there is no point in knotting my knickers. Technology and I obviously will never have a long and meaningful, relationship. I will be forced, instead, to practice all my powers of descriptive prose to tell you about the things I see & once home in two weeks, there will be a sea of photographic evidence. Will that suffice for you all? I am truly sorry because really, all holiday writing is better when augmented with photos to be honest.... More sighs. Rght, enough lamenting. Yesterday Spud & I managed to stay awake all day after landing at 7:30am. It was quite the feat of endurance. Needless to say, by 7pm, we were both unconscious. The flight was fine, though quite the carb-laden feast. So many bread rolls! And pasta, and litte squares of cheese wrapped firmly in plastic, accompanied by crackers and cheesecake for dessert & snacks of noodles .... I couldn't wait to gobble something green and fresh by the time we landed. Most unfortunately, a third of the 'loos on board the flight broke within two hours of a 13-hr flight so the Captain got all sensible (as they do) and pulled all alcohol & coffee from the menu in an attempt to minimise diuresis. Booooo! We flew over Mosul in Iraq but I did not see any flashes of gunfire. It's strangely surreal, as I'm sure you can imagine, flying over war zones & remote communities & isolated jungles looking down & wondering what is going on down there... Incredibly, yesterday while in town, we literally bumped in to my best friend Annie who lives in Sydney & who is in the UK on holiday with her family. What are the chances of THAT?? what an absolutely freaky phenomenon! I still can't believe it. Off into the countryside today, on our way north to Scotland. More soon!


Caroline Hammond said...

Have a great trip Jen! Isn't it the way....it must be the rules of the universe (or some such thingy) that when on hols technology fails & the further from home you are, the more likely it is that you bump into someone you know! - usually someone you don't want to bump into...so you lucked out there! Have fun & travel safe!
ps: Sean is a good coach....but you're GREAT! Looking forward to running with you in a few weeks! Caroline H :D

Rory Grant said...

I took the same flight path last year. Just like you I looked down on Iraq expecting to see smoke and explosions. It's a shame such a scene of tranquillity from above is not replicated below.

Enjoy Scotland! I can recommend it :)


Anonymous said...

Be sure to practise 'Och aye the noo', and 'Ah couldna sleep a wink for bellowing of yon fair coo'. There will be language test on crossing the border.
Oh, and make sure to visit the Falkirk Wheel - what an amazing feat of engineering! Happy holidays!