22 September 2011

Holidays! Birthdays! Hooray!

Well, what a super great start to our holiday. Here I am, sitting in The Lounge at the Virgin domestic terminal in Brisbane. The LOUNGE! Drinking FREE champagne (one glass) & enjoying a clean armchair! Soon I will luxuriate in the pristine, glossy bathroom facilities before we fly off to Sydney to join our Virgin Atlantic flight to Manchester, via Abu Dhabi. I know it can only get better from here - can't it? I have elected to travel with my iPad but am worried I will not be able to upload photos to this blog. I have downloaded an app called BlogPress which, apparently, will allow me to do this but I remain skeptical. I will keep you posted. Or... You will actually be able to SEE some photos! Almost time to board. Better fly (ha, ha, ha - get it?)

1 comment:

Rory Grant said...

Have a great trip!

Wrap up warm for Manchester though!